Module 4 - Responding to Digital Trends

4a - Innovation, innovation, innovation

ESA’s Director of Earth Observation Programmes Dr Josef Aschbacher talks about European Leadership and industry partnerships in EO, the rise of AI, the economic benefits of EO, open science, and how Φ-lab brings this all together.

4b - Rise of AI - EO Data Applications

This video looks at the rise of AI and how it is advantagous to the EO domain.

4c - On-orbit AI & Edge Computing

AI is not only changing the way in which satellite data can be analysed on the ground, it is also beginning to be used on-board the satellites themselves when in orbit.

4d - Collaborating to Support EO Science in Society

The Φ-lab at ESA was set up with the mission of supporting collaborative innovation and accelerating the future of Earth Observation, with a focus on AI.

4e - Empowering the Next Generation of EO Innovators

In this video we hear from a number of young scientists working at Φ-lab and ESRIN and how they are inspired and encouraged to investigate new innovations.

4f - The View from New Space - Embracing Space 4.0

In this video we hear from a number of New Space companies on how ESA is interacting and collaborating with them to help them grow.