Week 2: Techniques and Technology - Part 1

The methods and technologies for observing and accumulating evidence about climate change, its impacts and solutions.

Topic 2a - Overview of types of missions, instrumentation and data

This video introduces the ESA Sentinels and the Copernicus programme, along with a range of other recent and current Earth observation missions

Topic 2b - Looking at the atmosphere

This video will introduce you to some of the ways in which we can assess atmospheric properties using EO data collected by satellites.

Topic 2c - Atmosphere: applications

This video will introduce you to the Monitoring Atmospheric Climate and Composition (MACC) project.

Topic 2d - Atmosphere: In-depth case study - Monitoring GHGs and aerosols

This video will explore how satellite data relating to the composition of Earth’s atmosphere is enabling us to run increasingly detailed atmospheric models, and what this can mean for policy.

Topic 2e - Looking at land

In this video Dr Mathias Disney explains some of the challenges of observing the land surface from space

Topic 2f - Land: Applications

This video looks at the role of land surface vegetation in the carbon cycle, and introduces some other highly important properties of the land surface that we can now assess fairly routinely from Space.

Topic 2g - Land: in-depth Case Study - Measuring Biomass

This topic looks at monitoring the distribution of plant biomass from satellites for studying the carbon cycle, and its relation to climate.

Week 2 interactive exercise

Week 2 interactive exercise