Module 1 - AI, Big Data Analytics and Data visualisation

Course summary video

Welcome to the ‘Earth Observation – Disruptive Technology and New Space MOOC’

1a – AI, Big Data Analytics and Data Visualisation – Overview

Earth Observation (EO) provides us with a vast and diverse amount of useful and important data daily. This data is vital for numerous uses and provides us with a global insight that would otherwise be impossible to collect on this scale.

1b – Storytelling with Data

In this video, Omar Fayed and Lyndon-Marc Adade from EarthX, and Andrew MacPherson from 3DEO, talk about data visualisation and storytelling with data.

1c – The role of citizen science in Big Data Analytics

Citizen science involves members of the general public collaborating with scientists on a project.

1d – The view from business - more examples

In this video Philip Briscoe talks about Rezatec - a Geospatial Data Analysts company, and Alexis Hannah Smith talks about IMGeospatial