Week 2: Observing the Land and What Lives on it

A look at how Optical EO can be used to observe vegetation, biodiversity and conservation, as well as monitoring wildfires, protected areas, wildlife and illegal activity.

Topic 2a - Observing vegetation and mapping land use change

Explore how optical EO can be used to monitor and map vegetation and land use change

Topic 2b - Wildfires and burn scarring

An overview of how optical EO allows us to monitor wildfire activity and map burn scarring

Topic 2c - Biodiversity and conservation (part 1): Using satellite data to monitor biodiversity changes

Explore how scientists use optical EO to measure and understand changes in biodiversity and conservation

Topic 2c - Biodiversity and conservation (part 2) - pressures and threats

Biodiversity and conservation part 2 looks at pressures and threats

Topic 2d - Monitoring protected areas, wildlife and Illegal activity

Learn how optical EO can help to protect wildlife and monitor illegal activity

Topic 2e - Inland water

Why is it important to monitor land use and water management and how do optical EO techniques allow us do do this?

Week 2 interactive exercise and test

Week 2’s interactive exercise and test