Week 3: Atmosphere and Oceans

A look at how we can monitor atmospheric composition and atmospheric pollution. And then onto the Oceans, at ocean colour, harmful algae blooms and fisheries.

Topic 3a - Atmospheric composition

Monitoring atmospheric composition

Topic 3b - Pollution and aerosols

Monitoring atmospheric aerosols

Topic 3c - Ocean Colour overview (part 2) – techniques and applications in depth

The techniques and applications used to measure ocean colour.

Topic 3d - Harmful algal blooms

A look at how remote sensing is used to monitor harmful algal blooms

Topic 3e - Fisheries

Discover how EO can be used to monitor fisheries

Extra Topic - Meteorology

A brief overview of how Optical EO has a played a part in meteorology

Week 3 interactive exercise

The interactive exercise for week 3