Week 1: Observing Climate Change from Space

What is Earth observation? How do you observe the Earth with satellites? What is the added value of the view from space? This week aims to introduce you to the basic concepts of how earth observation data is acquired from satellites, the underlying science that enables this and what it can help us to do.

Course introduction

An introduction video giving a quick overview on Earth observation satellites and their use, and what people can get out of the course.

Topic 1a - What is Earth Observation?

This video will introduce you to some of the basic principles of Earth observation and why viewing our planet from space is so important.

Topic 1b - The advantage of looking from space

This video highlights some of the important, overarching observations enabled by monitoring the Earth from space.

Topic 1c - How do you observe the Earth with satellites?

In this video, Professor Martin Wooster will guide you through some of the basic principles used to observe the Earth from space.

Topic 1d - The importance of EO in climate policy and planning

This video explains why Earth observation is essential in climate policy and planning

Topic 1e - Types of climate observation from space

This video provides a range of examples of the types of climate-related observations now being made from Space

Topic 1f - Essential Climate Variables and Megatrends

In this video Dr Stephen Briggs introduces the concept of Essential Climate Variables and ESA’s Climate Change Initiative

How EO data supports UN COP climate negotiations

In this video, four leading scientists on climate science and policy discuss the crucial role of satellite Earth observation data in supporting international climate negotiations, including the COP21 climate summit

Week 1 Interactive exercise

The interactive exercise for week 1