Topic 1e - Types of climate observation from space

We have now been observing the Earth from space for over 50 years. Within that time, the range of EO technologies and types of observation made using them has increased dramatically, allowing us to build an increasingly detailed picture of our dynamic planet that was largely unobserved before the start of the EO era.

Earth observation has revolutionised how we assess and monitor the state of our planet, allowing us to build a much more complete picture of the many components of the Earth system, and furthering our understanding of how changes in our climate may be affecting it.

This video provides a range of examples of the types of climate-related observations now being made from Space, and demonstrates how these observations have advanced our understanding of the impacts of climate and environmental change on components of the atmosphere, cryosphere, oceans and biosphere.

Featured Educators:

  • Professor Alan O’Neill
  • Professor Andrew Shepherd
  • Dr Emily Shuckburgh

Other Featured Experts:

  • Dr Angela Benedetti
  • Dr Simon Boxall

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