Week 1 Interactive exercise

The Sentinel series of satellites will provide unprecedented coverage of the whole Earth system. The satellites are orbiting overhead, continually gathering information. Just like in the EUMETSAT Mission Control Centre, we can track the current location of the Sentinel satellites using similar tools on apps and websites.

Visit satflare where you can track satellites through a browser.

  1. Click the ‘Satellite Search’ option on the left hand side.

  2. Search ‘Sentinel’ to find the Sentinel satellites. Select the satellite of interest (e.g. Sentinel 3).

  3. You will then see Sentinel 3 on the map. You can then click ‘SET YOUR LOCATION’ underneath the map. Adding the latitude and longitude of your current location (finding it in google maps and clicking on the map, will give you this)

  4. You can then click ‘PREDICT PASSES’ to see when Sentinel 3 will pass over your location.

  5. Share the picture and your location (e.g. nearest city, country) to the #FLoceansfromspace hashtag on twitter.

If you would like to download the Sentinel app instead of using the browser, search ‘Copernicus Sentinel’ in your phone/tablets app store.

On the App:

  1. Open up the app, if asked, allow the app to use your location and to send you notifications.
    You can swipe through the app options to learn more about Copernicus, explore a 3D model of the Sentinel satellites, access news from Copernicus, track the satellites, or learn how to access products.

  2. Select the tracking option and then select the satellite of interest (since it’s the newest – let’s look at Sentinel 5P)

  3. You should see where the satellite is now, it’s past and future trajectory. The app will also let you know when the satellite is passing over head. If you see this notification, open the app and take a screenshot to share with the course.

  4. Take a screenshot. On an iphone you can do this by pressing the lock button (on the top) and home button (central one) at the same time. For android operating systems you will need to check for the specific phone type.

  5. Share the picture and your location (e.g. nearest city, country) to the #FLoceansfromspace hashtag on twitter.