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A brief introduction and overview of Catastrophe Modelling from Oasis LMF CEO Dickie Whitaker

Introduction to Cat Modelling and Oasis LMF

In this course we will introduce you to catastrophe modelling and Oasis Loss Modelling Framework, and show you how you can use Oasis tools

Introduction to Hazards

Welcome to the first chapter of this course, the Hazard component

Topic 1a - Hazard models - Seismic

This topic will look at Seismic Risk modelling

Topic 1b - Hazard models - Tropical Cyclones

This topic looks into various types of Tropical Cyclone modelling

Topic 1b (Extra) - Hazard models - Clustering

This topic explores the phenomenon of clustering and extratropical cyclone modelling

Topic 1c - Hazard models - Floods

The final Hazard topic examines one of the most difficult hazards to model, Floods

Topic 2a - Vulnerability models

Welcome to the second chapter of this course, the Vulnerability component

Topic 3a - Financial models

Welcome to the third chapter of this course, the Financial Module

Topic 4a - Introduction & video lectures on how to use Oasis

Welcome to the fourth and final chapter of this course, How to use Oasis

Topic 4b - Introduction to Flamingo

Ben Hayes gives a short introduction to Flamingo, the front end of Oasis

Topic 4c - Flamingo Illustrative model

Here Ben Hayes introduces the illustrative model specification

Topic 4d - Architecture of Oasis

Mark Pinkerton, Chief Technology Officer at Oasis, explains the architecture of Oasis

Topic 4e - Future of Cat Modelling

Dickie Whitaker and Peter Taylor talk about Catastrophe Modelling for the masses

Reading and reference section

Further reading materials and videos