Module 3 - EO – What Comes Next…

3a – EO – What comes next… – Overview

In recent years we are seeing the fruition of past years of excitement within the space industry come to light. People are now developing satellites today to be launched within months in order to anticipate the needs of the market and their commercial partners in around a years time.

3b – Smart sensors and Space 4.0

In this video we will look at how the advancements in the reduction in costs and miniaturisation of technology, are creating and helping to fuel development and disruptive innovation across the EO and space industry, and what these disruptive technologies and innovations are.

3c – Open data, collaboration and skills

By mixing various skills from a range of different sectors such as machine learning, quantum computing and data fusion, and partnering with companies across Europe we hope to further innovation and capabilities within EO. Through this we hope to find scaleable solutions to problems