3b – Smart sensors and Space 4.0

In this video we will look at how the advancements in the reduction in costs and miniaturisation of technology, are creating and helping to fuel development and disruptive innovation across the EO and space industry, and what these disruptive technologies and innovations are.

Advancements in technology and cost reduction have opened up far more potential for EO and space than we ever had before. The increased accessibility to space and EO means that more entrepreneurs and research actors are able to come into this ecosystem and innovate and test out new possibilities, in many new areas and applications faster and cheaper than ever before.

Thanks to ICEYE, Earth-i, Planet and Clyde Space for animations included in this video

Featured educators:

  • Iarla Kilbane-Dawe
  • Adina Gillespie
  • Bryan Lawrence
  • Stephen Spittle

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