3a – EO – What comes next… – Overview

In recent years we are seeing the fruition of past years of excitement within the space industry come to light. People are now developing satellites today to be launched within months in order to anticipate the needs of the market and their commercial partners in around a years time. These new technologies such as A.I, have come together to create an environment in which we have the opportunity for new innovations and new analytic solutions. One such company which is merging these new technologies together is Earth-i which we will look at in more detail in this video.

At ESA it is essential to learn these new technologies and techniques. One of the ways they have implemented this is by setting up a new division called Phi lab in order to learn these new technologies and techniques and gain knowledge within the agency and then push it out into the space supply chain across Europe.

Thanks to Digital Globe, Earth-i, Sentinel-hub, Descartes Labs, Planet and Google for animations included in this video

Featured educators:

  • Iarla Kilbane-Dawe
  • Adina Gillespie
  • Stephen Spittle
  • Grega Milcinski
  • Jed Sundwall
  • Manfred Krische

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